ARTAN KAROLI was born in Tirana, Albania, on April 24th 1986.

He graduated in 2009 from one of the most well known Italian universities, The Carrara Academy of Fine Arts, with a Bachelor Degree for Graphic Design and Video Installation.

He received his Master Degree for Graphic Design from the same University in 2011.

Other than a very talented multidimensional artist, with almost 15 years of experience as a designer, photographer and painter, he is also a noted human rights activist.

As an activist as well as an artist he has played an important role in the Albanian

human rights movement.

His creations, pertaining to different genres, as Drawing, Photography, Painting and Graphic Design, have been appreciated both by Albanians and foreigners, his artistic efforts being recognized for raising awareness for human rights and many other sensitive topics.

Mr. Karoli has also held key roles in private sector initiatives.

He’s actually the Designer of Truri Krijime Inovative / Brain Innovative Creation, a Graphic Design Studio, which has expanded from innovative ideas for businesses and managers, logos and posters,  organizing and managing indoor /outdoor events, Web – Designs, App Design, Photography etc.

The specific features of his art products, which are not destined only for the Albanian market, are the client-focused solutions, the passion for the arts as means of expression, and the originality.


Educational Information

2001-2006 – Intensive drawing courses with the National Artist, Mr. Shyqyri Sako.


2006- 2009 – Bachelor degree in Graphic Design from
Carrara’s Academy of Fine Arts
, Italy.

2009- 2011 – Master’s degree in Graphic Design from Carrara’s Academy of Fine Arts

, Italy.

2012 – Community Organizer Training Program in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

2013 – Community Organizer Training Program in Istanbul, Turkey.


2013 – Training program “Public Speech and Media monitoring” in Budapest, Hungary.

2014 – Training Program “Public Speech and Media monitoring” in Beograd, Serbia.

2014– Training Program “Public Relation and Speech” in Strasbourg, France.

2014 – Training Program “Public Relation” organized by American Embassy

at Wilson College in Tirana, Albania.

2015 – Training program “Public Event Organizer” in Brussels, Belgium.

2015 – Training program “Public Advertising” in Dublin, Ireland.


Professional Information

2016Still Now – Director Designer of “Truri Krijime Inovative”- Tirana, Albania.


2014 – Still Now Administrative Manager of Bunker 1944, Tirana.


2013 – 2015 Public speaking for HRHA – NGO, Tirana.


2012 – 2013 – Community Organizer At HRHA – Human Rights NGO Tirana


2007 – 2015 – Designer for CRCA – Human Rights NGO, Tirana.